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For locating gas leakages in installation areas. The sensor can be introduced to areas with difficult access using the flexible sensor neck.

  • Emissions Monitoring System
  • Multifunction Detector for Gas Leakage
  • Portable stack gas analyzer

  •  Fast measurement results due to integrated suction feature (1 ... 1.5 seconds)
  •  Search mode for quick leak detection
  •  Reliable zeroing, even with contaminated ambient air
  •  Display in ppm for precise location of gas leaks and determination of the gas concentration
  •  Sensor change during operation possible, automatic recognition by the device
  •  Adjustable alarm thresholds (only leak detection)
  •  Optical alarm on the display of the device (only leak detection)
  •  Acoustic and vibration alarm by the device
  •  Clear graphic display (TFT)
  •  Strong Lithium-Ion battery, chargeable via Mini-USB socket
  •  Display of measurement results also as QR code (forwarding measuring results via e-mail)

Measuring ranges HC-Sensors:(HC-400) 0 – 44,000 ppm CH4 (100%LEL)
(HC-401) 0 – 17,000 ppm C3H8 (100%LEL)
(HC-402) 0 – 40,000 ppm H2 (100%LEL)
Display units:ppm, % and %LEL
Measuring range stack moisture sensor:(RM-400) 0 – 100 % H2O
Operating time:up to 20 hours continuous operation
Dimensions (housing):6.41″ x 1.97″ x 1.38″ (L: 163 mm; W: 50 mm; D: 35 mm)
Dimensions (sensor neck):Length: 9.84″ (250 mm)
Weight:approx. 8 ounces (without sensor) (220g)
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