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• Long Life O2 sensor (with 4 - 5 years life expectation)

• CO (H2 compensated) sensor *2

• Calculated CO2 or optional NDIR measured CO2 (OPTION 64618 or 65648)

• Large fuel type list + user definable fuel types

• CO protection using 2nd pump (protects the CO sensor against unwanted high CO concentrations)*3

• High energy Li-lon battery (for up 15 hours operation time) *4

• Analyzer and probe leak test (allows you to check analyzer and probe for leaks)

• Combustion and Emission calculations

• Flue Gas and Ambient Air Temperature measurement

• Differential Temperature Measurement

• Differential Pressure Measurement and Draft Measurement

• Modern, slim line enclosure with fixing magnets

• Super bright, color 3.5” TFT display with LED backlight (customizable and zoom function)

• Mini-USB interface and USB cable, SD card reader and SD Card (export function to Excel)

• IRDA interface for high speed infrared printer (printer not included)

• Integrated, backlit condensate separator with PTFE filter and additional spare filter

• Menu guided software and function keys

• 100 - 240 Volt Battery charger

• Robust, stainless steel gas connectors

• DUAL Bluetooth module for wireless data transfer to PC/Notebook and

• ABS transport case # 63319 and standard probe # 64167 with 9' sampling line and 9.81" fixed probe tube

   MRU4u App on Smartphones or Tablet (iOS and Android)

*1 not all sensor configurations allow the LL sensor (in that case a +/- 2 year sensor will be installed)

*2 can be replaced by HIGH or VERY HIGH CO sensor but can also be in combination with HIGH or VERY HIGH CO sensor

*3 not possible in combination with NDIR CO2 or NDIR CO2/CxHy

*4 six to eight hours operation time with NDIR CO2 or NDIR CO2/CxHy

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