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  • AMPRO 2000

    AMPRO 2000

    AMPRO 2000The AMPRO 2000 is a powerful handheld gas analyzer suitable for monitoring combustion and industrial processes.MRU AMPRO..

  • DM 401

    DM 401

    Double pass opacity and dust monitoring system used for continuous in-situ measurement...

  • DM9600 Precision Manometer

    DM9600 Precision Manometer

    The DM 9600 is a precision manometer used for accurate pressure, differential pressure, and temperature measurements. The DM ..

  • MGA Prime

    MGA Prime

    For long time measurement of industrial combustion, large boilers, gas engines and turbines, furnaces and many more..

  • NOVA Compact

    NOVA Compact

    The NOVA compact is a compact combustion gas analyzer. It simultaneously measures up to 4 gas components...

  • OMS 420 EX COe Monitor

    OMS 420 EX COe Monitor

    The OMS 420 Ex is an in-situ oxygen and COe monitor designed for continuous combustion optimisation in hazardous area zones.. It i..

  • OMS 420 HT In Situ Oxygen Analyzer

    OMS 420 HT In Situ Oxygen Analyzer

    IN-SITU COMBUSTION OPTIMIZATION MONITORIn-Situ Oxygen and Combustibles (COe) Transmitter- Combination of O2 and COe for ideal..

  • Optima 7 Biogas WITHOUT H2S Measurement

    Optima 7 Biogas WITHOUT H2S Measurement

    A powerful handheld biogas analyzer designed specifically for the harsh environments at solid waste disposal sites. At facilities ..

  • SWG 100 CEM

    SWG 100 CEM

    The SWG 100 CEM is a stationary analyzer meant for continuous emission monitoring. It works best for industrial applications using..

  • SWG 300-1

    SWG 300-1

    The SWG 300-1 is a multi-component extractive cold-dry gas analyzer. The NDIR modules measure continuously, selectively and highly..


Hand held and stationary instruments for combustion and engine tuning at power generation and boiler/HVAC facilities
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