MGA 5+
MGA 5+
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High quality portable infrared multigas analyzer. Ideal for applications in emissions monitoring and combustion analysis.

-Double stage gas cooler with automatic condensate draining pump

-Heated gas sampling line with lengths of 9.84′ / 16.4′ / 32.81′ or 65.62′

-Automatic internal test and control of soft and hardware functions

-Large, high contrast and backlit graphical display with zoom function

-RS 232 interface and internal data memory for approx. 8,500 measurements

-RS 485 interface for external MRU smart sensor (transmitter) connection

-Automatic interval measurement

-Data visualization and evaluation software for PC (32bit Data Logger)

-Solenoid valve for automatic zeroing plus calibration

-Universal analog input (4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V) or additional NiCrNi thermocouple input

-8 channel analog output 4 … 20 mA with user configurable output

-Automatic calibration using integrated calibration gas cells, without use the of external calibration gas cylinders

Measuring ranges
O2 – Oxygen0 … 25.0 % (Electro-chemical or Paramagnetic)
CO2 – Carbon dioxide0 … 4% / 20% (min / max range) (NDIR)
CO – Carbon monoxide0 … 200ppm / 1,000 ppm (min / max range) (NDIR)
NO – Nitric oxide0 … 200ppm / 1,000 ppm (min / max range) (NDIR)
NO2 – Nitrogen dioxideCatalytic converter NO2 to NO min. 90 % conversion efficiency
SO2 – Sulfur dioxide0 … 200ppm / 1,000 ppm (min / max range) (NDIR)
CH4 – Methane0 … 200ppm / 1,000 ppm (min / max range) (NDIR)
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