Optima 7 Biogas Solid Waste Disposal Site Package (No H2S)

Optima 7 Biogas Solid Waste Disposal Site Package (No H2S)

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A powerful handheld biogas analyzer package with several additional accessories designed specifically for the harsh environments at solid waste disposal sites. This package is designed for facilities NOT concerned with Hydrogen Sulfide.

• O2...0 - 25 % (long‐life electrochemical cell)

• CH4...0 - 100 % (infrared dual gas bench)

• CO2...0 - 100 % (infrared dual gas bench)

• Biogas pressure 0 … +/‐ 300 mbar (Biogas / duct pressure)

• AUX universal auxiliary port - connection for external gas sniffer

• Hydrocarbon "sniffer" for gas leakage detection with 1.5 meter cable and  swan neck

• Gas Flow Velocity measurement using Pitot tube (Pitot tube is not included)

• US biogas probe with K-Type t/c input

• Type K Thermocouple; Coiled cable, 6" insertion

• Auto data logging function

• Spare part set (O-Rings, Filter, Condensate show glass)

• Shoulder strap for analyzer

• ABS Transport case - with large compartment for accessories

• Optimized, backlit condensate separator with re‐usable PTFE (star) filter for protection against dust and soiling

• IRDA interface for high speed infrared thermal printer (printer not included)

• Mini‐USB interface for cable data transfer to PC

• SD card reader incl. activating software

• Internal data storage for up to 16000 measurements, with color data records visualization on display

• Battery and mains operation - high energy Li‐Ion battery, with 8 - 10 hours mains free operation

• Wall‐plug, universal grid power supply 90‐240Vac / 50‐60Hz for battery charging over the USB port

• Biogas sampling line Ø3x2mm Viton with 5m length and stainless steel instrument gas inlet port

Measuring ranges
O2 – Oxygen0 … 21.0 %
CO2 – Carbon dioxide0 … 100 %
CH4 – Methane0 … 100 %

Diff. pressure± 120 inH2O
Dimensions and other data
Sample gas conditioningLarge condensate separator with PTFE filter
HousingFiberglass reinforced
Battery operated / Operating time6 to 8 h continuous operation
Weight2.0 lbs.
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