Optima 7 Diamond Deluxe Package

Optima 7 Diamond Deluxe Package

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A powerful handheld biogas analyzer designed specifically for the harsh environments at solid waste disposal sites. At facilities with waste processing and power generation, our customers have replaced 4 separate instruments with this single analyzer to handle biogas measurement and combustion engine/boiler tuning. The Diamond package includes the complete group of 4 biogas sensors (O2, CH4/CO2, H2S) and 3 combustion gas sensors (NO, NO2, CO), as well as the full solid waste accessory kit, combustion gas probe and infrared printer. 

-Optimized, backlit condensate separator with re‐usable PTFE (star) filter for protection against dust and soiling 
-IRDA interface for high speed infrared thermal printer 
-Mini‐USB interface for cable data transfer to PC 
-SD card reader incl. activating software 
-Internal data storage for up to 16000 measurements, with color data records visualization on display 
-Battery and mains operation - high energy Li‐Ion battery, with 8 - 10 hours mains free operation 
-Wall‐plug, universal grid power supply 90‐240Vac / 50‐60Hz for battery charging over the USB port 
-ABS Transport case - with large compartment for accessories 
-AUX input for additional parameters 
-Auto data logging function 
-Hx Cy Gas Detection Probe 
-Gas flow velocity function  
-US Solid Waste Gas Probe with Type K t/c input 
-Type K Thermocouple; Coiled cable, 6" insertion 
-Shoulder strap

-High Speed Infrared Printer (easy paper loading)

Measuring ranges
O2 – Oxygen0 … 21.0 %
CO2 – Carbon dioxide0 … 100 %
CH4 – Methane0 … 100 %
H2S – Hydrogen sulfide0……2,000 ppm
* overload 5,000 ppm
CO – Carbon monoxide0 … 4,000 ppm
* overload 10,000 ppm (Optional)
NO – Nitric oxide0 … 1,000 ppm* overload 0 … 5,000 ppm(Optional)
NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide0……200 ppm
* overload 1,000 ppm (Optional)
Diff. pressure± 120 inH2O
Dimensions and other data
Sample gas conditioningLarge condensate separator with PTFE filter
HousingFiberglass reinforced
Battery operated / Operating time6 to 8 h continuous operation
Weight2.0 lbs.
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